Fighting Depression in Men

Michael Young

No matter what you already know about depression, be sure that it equally influences both affects men and women.

You have probably heard about the male mid-life crisis and the problem of self-identity connected with this period of life.

Depression in men can be a dangerous thing sometimes. It takes lives of more than a million people all over the world each year. It's interesting to know that men are more likely to commit self-murder than women. American men aged 20-24 years old commit suicide seven times more often than women of the same age.

Even though not all men suffering from depression will commit suicide, symptoms of this state can greatly influence their lives, health, career, and even close people. The most frequent symptoms of depression are low mood, feelings of guilt, hopelessness, or helplessness, as well as an inability to enjoy life, having insomnia and lack of energy.

The main difficulty in solving the problem of depression is the fact that people suffering from the state are unable to ask for help. This makes men feel weak and unmanly.