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FastSize Extender Reviews - What Is It?

Author: Eric Lander Eric Lander

WARNING: DO NOT BUY FastSize Extender Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

FastSize Extender, LLC was made in 1996 as another alternative to enlarge penis in men. The company is called and it actually created a number of extender packages which differ in their shapes and functions. They can be very simply or complicated. Fast Size Extender promises to give its users more width, length, and girth of their member. It is a traction device which is said to be beneficial for the treatment of Peyronie's disease and sexual dysfunction in men. The product does not have its own official website but there is some page dedicated to FastSize Extender. It seems not to be informative at all there is general description of the device and a button offering an opportunity to buy it.

A number of researches have shown that traction devices can hardly improve the sexual function of a male organ. Besides, some of the internet directories are falsified. That is why certain guidance is needed to distinguish responsible reviews from fake ones. But what is even more important is to see the proofs before of effectiveness of the system. But it turns out not to have any clinical expertise or medical studies.

Before and after Photos - Does FastSize Extender Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As mentioned in different male retail web pages, the FastSize Extender works by stretching your penis creating small damages in its skin and making it grow. To my mind, such a method cannot induce the renewal and growth of cells enough for achieving a desired width, length, and girth of your member. The result can be very insignificant, almost invisible to the human eye.

fastsize extender

The device has a fitting base ring in combination with a silicone strap that intends to wrap around your penis head. It was enough for me to imagine how it will be located on my dick to feel all the discomfort it may cause. They mention that Fast Size Extender can be worn overnight. I doubt that you can fully enjoy your sleep having such a thing directly on your penis.

There are certain directions how the device should be worn; however, it seems to be not as safe and effective as described. Even if it manages to increase your penis size, you are never protected from allergic reactions and damages of your dick. The program includes manual instructions. Concerning the promise of improving your penile blood flow I also doubt it. Some of the users claim to have problems with erections and having sexual intercourse after using the device.

The manufacturer recommends using FastSize Extender at least three-six months. It is highly advised to visit your doctor (urologist) before using the device. Some retailers' websites promises that by using this system, you will achieve an increase of your penis length up to 35%. Such websites even contain before and after photos of quasi-users of the device. However, a number of customers' reviews do not support this claim. There is no evidence that the device was clinically proven as comfortable, safe or effective.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer did not give any information concerning the possibility of having certain side effects or adverse reactions while using FastSize Extender. Fortunately, the Internet is full of real customers' reviews telling the truth about the device and its usage. Reading these testimonials I concluded that there is a lot of lie around the product. Let us try to find out what is true and what is false. The FastSize Extender is in reality misbranded, adulterated and unapproved. Besides, it was produced under conditions that did not meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices. According to the manufacturer, the device was produced to bring benefits in terms of girth, length, and overall health of a male penis, as well as to improve the condition of penile deformity that resulted from Peyronie's disease.

As FastSize Extender is intended to diagnose and treat diseases, it is subject to the regulatory authority of the FDA, but this device does not have approved applications for these uses. In the last inspection of the company's manufacturing facility, significant deviations from GMP regulations were noted by inspectors. The device is not properly listed with the FDA, and the company did not furnish any information regarding its products to federal inspectors. Nothing speaks better of a product's quality than testimonials of true users.

"FastSize Extender was my last hope to increase my penis as I have tried so many extenders before. I have used the device for three long months during day and night but everything I received is inconvenience and discomfort. Not an additional inch in length! I am completely disappointed!"

"This was my wife's initiative to buy FastSize Extender and I did not object. When the device arrived I did not like it at first glance - the quality left much to be desired. Luckily, I managed to return it even before starting to use it."

"Probably I am the unhappiest user of FastSize Extender because my experience turned out to be really awful. At first I could not manage to wear the device for it not to fall down, then I started to face a lot of discomfort. I do not think that I am allergic to the materials but I got some rush on my dick. I had to stop using it."

Where To Buy FastSize Extender?

FastSize Extender is available on a few retailer websites. The cost for the product varies from site to site and equals about $300.

My Final Summary

I am not sure that FastSize Extender can help you solve your sexual issues and increase your penis as it has a great number of disadvantages. There are no photos depicting users before and after use which can be trusted. There are some fake reviews mainly, as well as no money back guarantee. The device does not even have an official website, so I would not trust it. No discrete shipping term is mentioned. The FastSize Extender was not approved by urologists. From my research I cannot say that it can be classified as a normal conventional medical device. Besides, some of the retailers do not offer this "penis extender" any longer. The Internet offers better alternatives for solving problems of your sexual organ.

Affordable Alternative

Many doctors consider that the problem can be well solved by another product known as ProExtender and I completely agree with them. I recommend you reading my review about ProExtender. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


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