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NeoSize XL Reviews - What Is It?

Author: Eric Lander Eric Lander

WARNING: DO NOT BUY NeoSize XL Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

NeoSize XL is dietary supplement that is claimed to provide visible improvements in sexual endurance, penis size, and overall sexual performance. It is said to be clinically proven to increase the length of your penile tissues up to three inches, increase the girth of the penis and improve the quality of erections. Another claimed benefit of using this formula is balanced hormonal levels. The supplement is sold and promoted through the official website of the company. It comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. NeoSize XL is claimed to work by increasing blood flow and the overall size of penile tissues. At the same time, this supplement is said to be able to stimulate the production of androgens to boost the release of nitric oxide. This should improve the firmness and length of erections. Besides, the product promises to reduce feelings of stress and improve stamina during sexual activity. Actually, NeoSize XL is claimed to help men gain a 20% thicker penis and to gain up to 3 inches in penis length.

These claims sound overestimated, but let's see who makes the supplement. The manufacturer behind the product is Vitopharma, a completely new and unknown company in the USA. The product's official website contains zero information about it, which is the first red flag. We tried to search some information about this manufacturer on other website and found out that its product list includes only NeoSize XL. There is no indication that the company makes any other products. We failed to find further explanation as to how this supplement was developed. The "contact us" page on their website listed the US address for mails: 4 Research Dr. Suite 402; Shelton, CT 06484. Before we make any conclusions about the effectiveness of NeoSize XL let us take a look at the ingredients in it.

Ingredients of NeoSize XL - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

neosize xl

According to our research, the supplement contains the following ingredients: Albizzia lebbeck, Mucuna pruriens, Asteracantha longifolia, Withania somnifera, Pueraria tuberose, Tribulus Terrestris, Argyreia speciosa, Chlorophytum arundinaceum, and Tinospora cordifolia. The official website of the manufacturer does not list exact concentrations for these ingredients. Mucuna Pruriens or Velvet Bean has been used as an aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed to improve the conditions of scorpion bites, cholera, pain, infertility, diabetes, snakebites, toothaches, high blood sugar, fever, impotency, high cholesterol, and gout. It is also claimed to be able to increase muscle strength and testosterone. However, there is no clinical evidence to support these claims. Lebbeck Tree is known for containing iron, calcium, saponins, ascorbic acid, essential amino acids, phosphorus, and niacin. It may be used for the treatment of wounds, insect bites and stings, inflammation, skin problems, and allergies. Indian Kudzu is said to be effective in treating impotence, acid reflux and angina. It may also be used for its anti-aging, aphrodisiac and antipyretic effects. Hygrophila is known for its benefits for liver problems and diabetes, Hygrophila is also known to work as an aphrodisiac and diuretic. It is not scientifically proven whether this herb can protect the brain and liver from lipid peroxidation.

Another ingredient in NeoSize XL is Indian Ginseng also known as Ashgawandha, a herb known for its ability to enhance stamina and relieve stress. It is prescribed to people who want to strengthen their immune system. Other benefits of this compound is decreasing blood sugar levels, lowering insulin, boosting the thyroid function, and reducing lipid peroxidation. Elephant Creeper is beneficial for strengthening sexual activity in men. It is known for its aphrodisiac properties and the ability to stimulate the libido and treat sexual inability. Puncture Vine is also known as Tribulus Terrestris, Bindii, tackweed and goat's head. It is considered to be a libido enhancer and a testosterone booster. This compound is used to improve sports performance, build muscle mass and strength. However, this compound is associated with a number of side effects. Another ingredient is Indian Spider Plant which is believed as an effective as an immunity booster. It can be used for the treatment of acid reflux, arthritis, anxiety, impotence, sexual debility, aspermia, inflammation, premature ejaculation, and hypoglycemia. However, these claims are not scientifically proven. Other ingredients include Tinospora Gulancha, Mucuna pruriens, Chlorophytum arundinaceum, Argyreia speciosa, Tinospora cordifolia and some others but there is no evidence that any of them can be used for the treatment of male sexual issues.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The official website of NeoSize XL does not mention any possible side effects associated with the use of the supplement; however, this does not mean that it is safe to use. By taking a look at its ingredient list, it is true to say that the risk of side effects still exists. For this reason, you should watch out when consuming this product. The most common side effects include increased heart rate, increased respiration, restlessness, Vomiting, nervousness, and nausea. It appears that neither the official website nor the supplement's label provides the complete list of the ingredients used in the product. This is another red flag. So, you never know which side effects that you may experience when taking the product. For example, Mucuna Pruriens, a chief ingredient in NeoSize XL, may cause such side effects as nausea, pounding heartbeat, headache,and agitation. There are not many customer reviews about the product on Amazon. The majority of them are negative mainly due to the product's inability to work effectively. Many reviewers claim that it is a scam. Let us take a look at some of these reviews.

"NeoSize XL didn't work for me at all. Who knows whether it will be effective for other customers. But I am glad that I did not have any side effects like others. It does not make penis grow or improve the quality of erections. I cannot recommend this product to anyone"

"Neo Size XL didn't do anything for me. I was promised to gain bigger size over time but despite my taking this supplement for three months I did not see any growth. I did make me more sensitive though but I think it was due to the skin reaction on my penis. Don't waste your time and money! I wish I did not buy it"

"I have been using NeosizeXL for two months but this product didn't work at all. It is complete garbage scam. It deserves zero stars. Don't buy this product because it will be waste of your money. this product is not helpful"

Where To Buy NeoSize XL?

NeoSize XL can be bought from its official website. You may choose to order from different bundles. The supplement comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but none of the users reported that they were able to get their money back. You can also buy the supplement from GNC, Walmart or Amazon, where the price is lower. One bottle costs $37.

My Final Summary

NeoSize XL comes with a number of disadvantages the major one of which is ineffectiveness of the product. It appears not to perform its claims provided by the manufacturer. Despite being offered on bulk orders, this supplement is still too expensive. It contains some effective ingredients but the majority of others are not clinically proven. Besides, the supplement may cause a number of side effects. If you have any sexual issues, you should visit a doctor. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, I cannot recommend NeoSize XL to usage.

Affordable Alternative

Many doctors believe that the right combination of Ginkgo Biloba, Turnera Aphrodisiaca and Epimedium Sagittatum is able to cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction, penis size and poor sex performance. I agree with them completely. The product is called VigRX Plus. I recommend you reading my review about VigRX Plus. You will not regret!


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